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For decades, the area around Renesse, more specifically the Brouwersdam, has been known as one of Europe’s top locations when it comes to water sports.

Surfing has been taking place here since the first board was introduced in the Netherlands. Numerous competitions are organized for amateurs and professionals and also for viewers there is always a spectacle to be expected. The Grevelingen lake is located on the inside of the dam and is the largest saltwater lake in North-West Europe. Here you can go water-skiing, with the jet ski in progress and also many windsurfers find the ideal place for their favorite leisure activities. Moreover, the marinas provide numerous opportunities for sailing.

You can choose from a large number of marinas to moor your boat and there are plenty of companies that specialize in products and services for the sailing equipment. On the outside of the dam is a large beach and the North Sea is conquered by windsurfers, kite surfers and other board sports with and without sails. Parking is possible along the entire length of the dam so that a place can always be found close to the water.

Many people come together to the Brouwersdam to experience the most fantastic sunsets in the Netherlands. Both on the beach and on the dam you will find various eateries in the form of pavilions and cafeterias.

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