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On the 14th of October 1926 a group of prominent notables, with no official formality, turned the first sod in the ground to level the field at the dunes in Nieuw Haamstede. This airfield was given the name of “Vliegveld West-Schouwen”.

On the 4th of May 1931, the shortest scheduled flight from Rotterdam to Schouwen was a fact. The trip consisted of taking passengers from Zierikzee by KLM bus to the airfield, a 20 – minute flight to the Waalhaven, followed by a bus and ferry trip to its end destination Coolsingel at Rotterdam: all-inn trip for the paltry sum of 8,25 guilders. In the following years it had been busy airfield with flights to all different destinations. Nowadays “Vliegveld Haamstede” is in use by Flying club Haamstede, where solely gliders take off and land. Only gliders are used for flying.

Gliding is flying in an airplane without an engine. With the help of rising warm air or thermal, it is permitted to fly at a height of 2500 meter and fly for many hours in the Netherlands. Boarding a flight at Flying club Haamstede only takes about fifteen minutes. You will not only get a view of the sea, beach and dunes, but will also see the Forestry Westenschouwen and of course the Oosterscheldewerken (Delta works). On a clear day you can even see the coastline of Zeeuws-Vlaaanderen and in the other direction you will see the port of Rotterdam.

If you would like to fly with us once, you can go to the airport. There is always someone at the barrier who can give you more information. You can call the clubhouse in advance (+31 111-653557) to inquire whether there is a flight that day. For groups of 5 people or more you must make an appointment. The club flies during the weekend (from mid-March to the end of November) and during the entire holiday period if the weather permits.

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