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Because of the beautiful nature, the Kop van Schouwen is a very popular area for hikers. Just like for cyclists, there is a variety of routes and paths. Thanks to the wonderful weather in this region, where the sun shines considerably more than in the rest of the country, you can go for a relaxing or sporty walk all year round.

Many paths lead you through dunes and forests and when you are a member of nature monuments the protected nature areas open up and you come to areas where weather, wind and residents such as deer, rabbits and countless bird species have free rein. Many visitors travel for hours to make a walk on the beach in Renesse. The vastness attracts enormously and the many dune transitions give access to the nature reserves behind or simply for a much needed break in a hospitality establishment. The seal population has been growing for several years and these animals regularly show up at low tide on the coastline or on one of the many sandbanks that can be seen from the beach. About 5 kilometers from Renesse is a recently laid out nature reserve, the Plan Tureluur. No less than 73 hectares of nature reserve have been laid out as a foraging area for migratory birds.

You can of course go on your own initiative, but there are also plenty of opportunities throughout the year to go on foot into nature in an organized way. You can get guidance from a guide from for example Staatsbosbeheer or the IVN (forest management). There are various walking routes described, such as “Ten Noorden Van Renesse” and “Ten Zuiden Van Renesse”. The local tourist offices can provide you with all information. The ANWB (roadside assistance) also offers various options.

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